Community struggles with storm disaster, loss of life: Massive cleanup begins around the clock

The cleanup and re-opening of Highway 101 and other roads impacted by the storm and deadly debris flow will take time, coping with the tragedy and loss of life will take even longer. Coast Village Road is closed to vehicle traffic which has shut down the popular retail, dining, hospitality and business village center for the second time in a month. … “It just seems a little crazy, because its so much like what happened before”, said Westmont College student Nick Taylor, “I go up to Westmont, they told us we should probably leave, its a little weird that its happening all over again.” more

Westmont Students Return after Tea Fire Devastation

Most of the small, scenic campus escaped the flames and remains intact. But students returning for the first time since the fire walked through blackened portions of the wooded campus. Foundations and debris are all that’s left where the Physics and Math Buildings once stood. Three student residences were also reduced to ashes. more video