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Artist Sara Chao Collects Souvenirs From a Life Spent in L.A.: In her show at Leiminspace, you’ll find Super King receipts instead of Hollywood Boulevard trinkets

Sara Chao is working on her first solo show in a small, shared space near the bustle of downtown’s Piñata District. There are pages of a Thomas Guide pieced together on one wall. On another wall is a collage that merges the grocery store iconography of Jon’s and Super King. … Save for her four years at Westmont College in Montecito, Chao has lived in the L.A. area. Her show draws not only from her own life, but from her family members’ as well. more


“Whenever I say, ‘I’m a ‘manny,’ people perk up. Not everyone has to be a middle-aged woman to be a nanny.” …Raised in Bakersfield, Sturz, 29, baby-sat a boy and a girl while he was in high school, and he continued taking baby-sitting jobs while he majored in art at Westmont College in Montecito. more