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Three Can’t-Miss Collegiate Dance Performances

The Westmont Windancers, directed by Erlyne Whiteman, offer a program inspired by the experiences of dance students who studied or volunteered in Africa. Along with Whiteman, student choreographer Laura Mercaldo and graduate Leah Benson will present work. more

The Unusual History of the Tea Fire’s Point of Origin

Before last week, Santa Barbara’s Tea Gardens — a picturesque private park of bizarre aqueduct systems, broken-down statues, Romanesque arches, and stunning ocean views in the foothills above Westmont College — were a highlight of local lore for their quirky history and legendary status in the underground of skateboarding. Now, the 340-acre estate — long a popular party spot for trespassing teenagers and solitude-seeking co-eds — is forever infamous as the birthplace of the similarly named destructive inferno born within its borders just before sundown last Thursday evening.

Saving the Riviera: Firefighters Make a Valiant Stand on Las Alturas Road

At 5:45 p.m. last Thursday, homeowner Jerry Siegel spotted a fire burning above Westmont College from his house at 638 Las Alturas Road. “It seemed so small and far away that I didn’t think much about it,” he recalled. “My wife even wanted to take the dogs out for a walk, but instead we decided to stay home and keep track of the fire.” more

Westmont Says Its Students Cleared of Tea Fire Wrongdoing

No Westmont College students are involved in the Tea Fire, according to school President Gayle Beebe, despite rampant speculation among area residents and media. more

Fired-Up Westmont Wins Conference Championship: A Victory Amid the Ruins

Westmont College’s soccer team overcame fire with fire Monday. The Warriors, whose coach and several players lost their homes to the Tea Fire four days earlier, put forth a blazing effort at both ends of the pitch and defeated Azusa Pacific 2-0 for the championship of the Golden State Athletic Conference. more

Westmont May Reopen Wednesday: Academics Will Go on Despite Damage

Despite the Tea Fire’s destruction of several buildings on the Westmont College campus, classes may restart as early as Wednesday, less than a week after 800 students huddled in the gym while fire ravaged their campus. more

“Photos of Westmont” by Westmont – Tea Fire Blog

Here are some photos from students who were on Westmont’s campus yesterday evening and this morning. As the Horizon continues to get photos, more will be added to this blog. more

Westmont Structures Lost, Students Safe: 236 Reportedly Remain in Fireproof Campus Gym

As of approximately 9:30 a.m., 14 homes of Westmont College faculty (known as Las Barrancas) have been confirmed to be burned completely, with another two likely to be severely damaged. more

Major Losses for Westmont Faculty Housing: Tough Mornings-after for Some Longtime Residents

Independent reporter Chris Meagher reported from Westmont Road, where many Westmont College professors and faculty live with their families. The neighborhood is called Las Barrancas, and Dave Wolf, the college’s men’s and women’s soccer coach, has lived there with his wife, Jill, and their five children since 1996. more

Westmont Rakes in $1.5 Million Donation

Westmont College has received $1.5 million from the T.B. Walker Foundation and others to support the development of a new chair in natural and behavioral sciences. “The T.B. Walker Foundation Chair in the Natural & Behavioral Sciences will honor the work of an outstanding faculty member in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, physics, mathematics or psychology,” explained Westmont spokesperson Scott Craig in a press release. more