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Workers Picket as UC Governing Board Convenes at UCSB

The UC Board of Regents voted on Tuesday to authorize more funding for the construction of two new environmentally friendly buildings at two different campuses — Berkeley and Santa Cruz — despite complaints from a few voting members that the efforts to create more sustainable structures at public university campuses is too expensive an endeavor. UCSB graduate student and Westmont alumnus Jesse Bernal, who is pursuing a doctorate in education at the campus’s Gevirtz School, was selected from among 65 other student candidates from all 10 UC campuses. more

News to Yous: Members Only

It was announced last week that the National Association of Schools of Music Commission on Accreditation has given an associate membership title to Westmont College. more

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Trains Community Peace Leaders

Santa Barbara may have more nonprofit organizations per capita than almost any other city in the country, but few of them act on an international stage. Among those that do is the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF). Among the volunteers is Jon Lemmond, a professor of medieval history at Westmont College who integrated NAPF’s 20-minute educational video into a lecture on morality from a Christian perspective. more

New Hires and New Roles at SBMA, the Arts Fund, Westmont, and UCSB

Although the impact remains to be felt, the Santa Barbara arts scene has just undergone a major shift. In the last few months, a new director has been announced at Westmont’s Reynolds Gallery. Judy L. Larson assumes directorship of the gallery along with becoming the first holder of the R. Anthony Askew Chair of Art. more

Summer Poetry Workshop

Led by Santa Barbara Poet Laureate Perie Longo, this three-day event at Westmont features writing workshops and an opportunity to have poetry read and critiqued. Also participating are Barry Spacks, former Santa Barbara poet laureate, and local playwright, poet, and creative writing teacher David Starkey. more

Education 6-19

Graduating UCSB seniors flipped their tassels from left to right last weekend, marking the end of the Santa Barbara graduation season. In the last six weeks, Westmont College saw 310 graduates. more

Graduation Season Ends

This weekend marks the end of graduation season for most Santa Barbara-area schools. Westmont College graduated 310 seniors on May 3. more

Westmont Welcome

After 26 years, the founding director of Westmont’s Reynolds Gallery, Tony Askew, has retired. Askew will be replaced by Judy L. Larson. more

UCSB Grad Student Nominated as UC Student Regent

UCSB graduate student Jesse Bernal he hopes to accomplish much as the next University of California Student Regent. Last week, Bernal, who got his bachelor degree from Westmont College and is now pursuing a doctorate in education at UCSB’s Gevirtz School, was nominated for the Student Regent position for 2009-2010 by the University of California Regents’ special committee. more

The 16th Annual Independent Theater Awards

Lit Moon Theater director and Westmont professor John Blondell won for directing the Finnish play “Queen C.” more