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Big Games for Santa Barbara’s Women Basketballers

In a defensive donnybrook between two of the top women’s teams in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, Vanguard’s No. 5 Lions came into Murchison Gym last Tuesday, February 7, and outlasted No. 3 Westmont in overtime, 64-57. Westmont (21-3, 10-2) is now two games behind Vanguard (24-1, 12-0) in the Golden State Athletic Conference (GSAC) standings. more

Belief in God, Climate Change Not Mutually Exclusive

Climate change is a myth. Global warming is a natural cycle. The world is going to end anyway. God is in control. On Monday, evangelical atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe spoke at Westmont College about why these “smoke screens” to deny climate change are so commonly tossed around in Christian communities — and why it is crucial that we debunk them. more

Devereux California’s 70-Year Evolution

Amid the great blue herons, horse stables, and grad student townhomes near UCSB’s Coal Oil Point Reserve, Devereux California exists as a beacon of hope for the developmentally disabled and their families. Most famous for being the place where Dustin Hoffman perfected his Rain Man character, the Santa Barbara facility began at the current site of Westmont College in 1945. more

Mira Vista Estate

The transition of Montecito from an agricultural region to a wealthy residential community may be traced to the early 1890s… Mira Vista remained in the Henshaw family until 1945, and, in the following year, the property was sold again, this time to Westmont College, which transformed the main house into a dormitory for women students. more

New assistant superintendent

This school year, Laguna Beach Unified School District has welcomed Dr. Alysia Odipo as Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services. Odipo started in mid-August and replaced Darlene Messinger who retired on July 29… Odipo attended Westmont College, earning a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies. more

Music Academy Announces 2017 Season

In a city blessed with a multitude of desirable locations, the bluff that spans from East Beach in Santa Barbara to Butterfly Beach in Montecito nevertheless stands a bit apart from ​— ​and above ​— ​the rest…  From moving the vocal fellows’ housing from Cate School to nearby Westmont College in the summer of 2016 to engaging Santa Barbara fitness guru Jenny Schatzle as the academy’s official workout partner, no expense has been spared in making the musicians comfortable and keeping them in shape ​— ​but that’s only one small part of the student-centered approach. more

Odell Runs 50 Charitable Miles For 50th

Dave Odell’s footprints are spread far and wide as a businessman, a college athletic director, a father of three, and a dedicated trail runner, but for almost nine hours last Friday, his steps were circumscribed on a 400-meter oval. To celebrate his 50th birthday, Odell ran 50 miles — 201 and 1/3 times around the Westmont College track. more

Westmont Fall Dance Concert

Under director Susan Alexander, the Westmont College dance program has blossomed into an inventive, thoughtful, spirited troupe that works well together in a variety of idioms. Saturday’s fall concert performance featured 11 distinctive pieces set to music ranging from the 17th-century Scottish ballad “Joy to the Person of My Love” to the contemporary pop and hip-hop of Destiny’s Child, Andra Day, and even some 2 Chainz. more

Santa Barbara Rugby Academy Is Nation’s First

Rugby players do not actually eat their dead, although the bumper sticker says so, but they do become bonded in flesh, blood, and spirit during their lifetimes…  All the clubs, including the Stringrays, belong to the nonprofit S.B. Rugby Association. UCSB and Westmont College also sponsor rugby clubs. more

Never A Dull Moment

The fifth in her family to attend Westmont College — her parents met in a philosophy class — Sarah Sutherland is a writer. She talked with people from around the world during her internship last semester with San Francisco’s Not For Sale and wrote up their stories of surviving human trafficking. more