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Never A Dull Moment

The fifth in her family to attend Westmont College — her parents met in a philosophy class — Sarah Sutherland is a writer. She talked with people from around the world during her internship last semester with San Francisco’s Not For Sale and wrote up their stories of surviving human trafficking. more

Lit Moon Presents Shakespeare@400

On the day I met John Blondell to talk about the upcoming citywide celebration of Shakespeare he has organized, the contemporary Shakespeare world had been rocked by news of the abrupt dismissal of Emma Rice from her position as artistic director of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London… On Friday night, November 18, audience members lucky enough to score tickets to As You Like It at Westmont’s Porter Theatre will see a dazzling student production directed by Blondell and featuring some of the best young Shakespeare actors anywhere. more

What to Expect for UCSB Men’s and Women’s Basketball

Westmont College’s women’s basketball has a tough exhibition schedule this week. They will play at UCLA (tonight, Nov. 3) and at Cal (Sun, Nov. 6). Coach Kirsten Moore’s Warriors should be well prepared for the regular season. In the last five years, they have averaged 27 victories. They won the NAIA national championship in 2013. more

Crossbars and Cruelty in College Soccer

The random flight of a soccer ball can be exasperating to the people who play, coach, and watch the game…  Senior midfielder Brooke Lillywhite has been a scoring machine for the Westmont College women with 20 goals, including six game-winners. “She’s a leader,” said Warrior coach Chantel Cappuccilli. “The team sets her up well, and she’s hard to stop.” more 

Game of the Week 10/29

College Women’s Volleyball: Vanguard at Westmont With a 27-0 record through last week, Westmont was the only undefeated squad among 219 teams in the NAIA. The Warrior women have achieved their first No. 1 national volleyball ranking and are on track to break the school record of 28 wins. They could clinch the Golden State Athletic Conference championship Saturday in their final home match of the regular season. more 

‘As You Like It’ at Westmont

This delightful production of Shakespeare’sAs You Like It got off to a spectacular start with cheering attendants loudly hailing the arrival at court of the royal wrestler Charles and never let up in either pacing or pleasure from there on until the final masque. Westmont students Sean McElrath and Anna Telfer played Orlando and Rosalind, respectively, the leading lovers in a play that’s full of amorous couples, clever wordplay, and gorgeous poetry. more

Zizzo’s Combines Coffeehouse and Brewpub

“Every espresso bar had a pub, and every pub had an espresso bar,” said Michael McDonald of what he saw during a European vacation with his wife, Sue McDonald… There’s plenty to eat in the afternoon and evening, as well, thanks to Chef Anthony Salcedo, who formerly worked in the kitchen at Westmont College. more

Fabled Gables: 229 East Pedregosa Street

Edward Payson Ripley was born on October 30, 1845, in Dorchester, Massachusetts. His family’s descendants had settled in the New World colonies in 1638, where their lineage included nine prominent blacksmiths… The renowned estate, with elaborate Tea Gardens, is still nearly intact and located across the street from Westmont College. more

Sweeping with Spikes

A quiet confidence abides in the Westmont College women’s volleyball team. The Warriors speak softly and carry a big broomstick. They are the only undefeated team in the NAIA with a 23-0 record, and that includes 16 sweeps. more

Lakers Learn from Luke at UCSB

Metta World Peace is a 16-year NBA veteran who was fighting for a job last week at Mecca World Hoops, another name for Santa Barbara when it comes to basketball training camps… Jean-Louis Ravelomanantsoa was the most exciting athlete ever to attend Westmont College. more