Santa Barbara View

Ms. Winfrey, Turn That Verdant Green to Gold

Dear Ms. Winfrey,
Perhaps during a recent take-off or landing in your private jet, you might have glanced out the window and noticed how ‘golden’ our region has become.  Unfortunately, this time  California gold doesn’t refer to rocks along the riverbeds, but rather the dried and parched hillsides throughout our State. … When a private home with a part-time owner uses more water each month than the entire Four Seasons Biltmore hotel in high season and almost double that of Westmont College, we have what I might call an ‘issue.’ more

Santa Barbara by Bicycle: Back Country Ride

I continued on Mountain Drive, stopping occasionally to enjoy the birds and the views, until I reached Cold Springs Road. Turning right, I headed down, past Westmont College and Lotusland, and turned left onto Sycamore Canyon Road. more

Westmont: America’s #2 Christian College

While U.C. Santa Barbara continues to make news for all the wrong reasons, Westmont has been named as America’s #2 Christian College. According to Forbes, Westmont, a Christian non-denominational College established in 1937, tops all other Christian schools besides Wheaton. In all, 500 schools were included in the evaluation, which stressed the outputs of a college education, but the new survey notes… “this ranking is just one way to measure the merits of a school”. more

Santa Barbara Business Beat: Postponed Again

Because of final examinations at Westmont next week, a discussion on entrepreneurs’ ideas on how to stem poverty has been again postponed to Tuesday, Dec. 10, from 3:15 to 6:30 p.m. in Hieronymus Lounge in Westmont College’s Kerrwood Hall. more

Santa Barbara Business Beat: State Street Changes

Anti-Poverty Plans to be Discussed Entrepreneurs will present what they say are poverty-ending plans at the 24th annual Westmont Business Plan Competition, which attempts to solve some of the deepest problems encountered by disadvantaged families in poverty-stricken areas. more

Santa Barbara Business Beat – Kiplinger’s Ranks Westmont as a Top College

Westmont is one of eight liberal arts in California, and the only California member of the Council of Christian Colleges & Universities to be included. more

Santa Barbara Business Report: No Confidence Vote

Edited by Westmont College professor David Newton, “Crisis Of Confidence,” the latest book in the “Private Enterprise and the Economy” series, will be released June 5 at a networking event in Santa Barbara. more