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‘It’s a Girl’ screening points to gendercide issues

Give Her Life was founded April 2013 by Westmont College alumna Elizabeth Reno.

“If you remove women from society, it kind of affects everybody,” Reno said. “So there are lots of ways that it has global impact, and removing women is what drives a lot of things like trafficking, and child-brides being married to much older men, and bride buying, and even now having millions and millions of Indian and Chinese men [who] will never be able to find wives. … It affects a society to have millions of single men.” more

Track & field: A weekend of bests

The women’s team accumulated 27 points and tied with NCAA Division I school UC Santa Barbara to fall just behind Division I outfit Cal Poly (46.50). The men’s team totaled 19 points, cruising behind Cal State Stanislaus (25) and ahead of Westmont College (13). more

Track & Field looks to maintain legacy

The Cougars’ next meet will take place Saturday, Feb. 1 at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. more