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Rev Dr Jerry Tankersley of Laguna Presbyterian Church will retire: last day to preach will be June 24

After 46 years of ministry, Rev Dr Jerry Tankersley is retiring as Senior Pastor of Laguna Presbyterian Church on June 30 of this year. His last Sunday to preach will be June 24 … At Laguna Presbyterian since 1972, Rev. Dr. Jerry Tankersley received his BA from Westmont College, followed by a B.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary.  He went on to obtain a ThM from Princeton Theological Seminary, followed by a PhD from Claremont Graduate School. He also received a Doctorate of Ministry from the Claremont School of Theology. more


You may recall the conversation, the debate, the brouhaha over Catholic fiction that took place several years ago, presented in the pages of First Things, among other venues. Paul ElieDana GioiaGreg Wolfe, and Randy Boyagoda were among the prominent participants; many others chimed in. What follows is a historical footnote to that episode, intended for anyone who is interested—but especially for younger readers, if indeed any such happen upon this column. … Reading them now is a bit like time-travel: I’m transported back to the Voskuyl Library at Westmont College, where I spent many happy hours. (I graduated in 1970 and stayed on for another year to teach.) more

Poetry at the Wall: The Malibu Cultural Arts Commission, Public Library and Poet Laureate Committee hosted the art, music and poetry event.

A first-of-its-kind event was held at Malibu City Hall last Saturday—the city’s first annual “Call to the Wall” Poetry Summit hosted by the city’s first poet laureate, Ricardo Means Ybarra. It featured not only poetry readings from eight talented poets (four published professionals and four emerging artists), but also live musical performances by DPAK, on-stage art to accompany the poetry and music, and a reception afterward. … Grace Teranishi, a senior biology major at Westmont College, writes poetry with a humorous twist. One of her poems described wine at a wine tasting in Sonoma County after the wildfires as having “notes of charcoal.” more

Lowry takes third in state tennis tournament

Senior Sidney Lowry got herself a place in the top three at the state tennis tournament. It wasn’t easy, but she ended her tennis season, and high school career, with a win. In the opening round, Lowry defeated Alyssa Retiz in two sets, winning the first six games to three (6-3) and the second set six games to one. … Lowry will play at Westmont College in Santa Barbara next year. more

Making the Case for Liberal Arts Liberal arts programs try to prove their worth as some colleges are shutting them down.

IT’S NO SURPRISE THAT much of the conversation at gatherings of university officials these days is about how to prove the value of the liberal arts, once at the core of higher education and now among its most embattled branches. … It appears true that the very definition of “liberal arts” is a problem. “Wait, you haven’t even defined it yet?” says Christian Hoeckley, director of the Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts at Westmont College, mimicking what non-academics must think of that. more

Westmont College Orchestra: The Three Rhapsodies

A Californian undergraduate orchestra performs an easy-listening concert of light classical, jazz, modern and contemporary music.

The Westmont College Orchestra is made up of 66 students.

The concert will focus on music from both sides of the Atlantic. more

COLLEGE BASEBALL: Grenadiers roll past No. 20 Westmont

IU Southeast got off to a quick start in the opening round of the 2018 NAIA Baseball Tournament on Monday and defeated Westmont College (Calif.) 11-1.

The Grenadiers (41-12) opened the scoring with a 4-run second inning. With the bases loaded and one out, Richard Rodriguez singled to score Santrel Farmer, Nolan Rogers scored on a fielder’s choice and Josh Beams hit a 2-run single to left to make it 4-0. more

Reframing the soul

Any writer will tell you about the power of words. But for Santa Barbara author and Westmont College professor Gregory Spencer, the real power of words is how we choose to frame them. Dr. Spencer has recently released a book that examines the connection between life’s experiences and the words we select to reference them. In “Reframing the Soul: How Words Transform Our Faith” (Leafwood Publishers, $15.99), he says the words we use to frame past experiences ultimately dictate our perception of them, but we each have the power to change that. “We don’t just remember the past, we remember it as we have framed it,” Dr. Spencer told the News-Press during a recent visit to Westmont College. “We have chosen the words used to describe our experiences. more

District 21 candidate Matt McCall wants to shake up Washington

About 25 years ago, Boerne resident Matt McCall dropped in on two town hall meetings held by his District 21 congressman, Lamar Smith. At both meetings, McCall said, he asked Smith what to do about Social Security, which seemed headed down a slow but steady path toward bankruptcy. … McCall attended Westmont College, a Christian liberal arts school in Montecito, California. His major regret: not discovering philosophy courses until his senior year. If he had time, double majoring in philosophy would have been an easy call. more

Artist Sara Chao Collects Souvenirs From a Life Spent in L.A.: In her show at Leiminspace, you’ll find Super King receipts instead of Hollywood Boulevard trinkets

Sara Chao is working on her first solo show in a small, shared space near the bustle of downtown’s Piñata District. There are pages of a Thomas Guide pieced together on one wall. On another wall is a collage that merges the grocery store iconography of Jon’s and Super King. … Save for her four years at Westmont College in Montecito, Chao has lived in the L.A. area. Her show draws not only from her own life, but from her family members’ as well. more