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Westmont Gets New Telescope: Carroll Observatory Adorned with New 24-Inch Reflector Telescope

Montecito — A powerful 24-inch reflector telescope was gingerly lowered by crane into Westmont College’s Carroll Observatory this morning. Westmont reports the new high-tech telescope will be the most powerful one between San Francisco and Los Angeles. more

Dig that ’70s show

It was the spring of 1971 and a young coach with one year of college coaching experience was given a new job.

Jim Larson of Westmont College in Santa Barbara accepted the challenge of starting the Cal State Bakersfield basketball program. more

The Lion, the Witch, and the wardrobes

The wardrobes were both purchased in the mid-1970s, following the sale of the late author’s Oxfordshire home. One resides at Wheaton College, Illinois, while the other is the property of Westmont College, a Christian liberal arts establishment in Santa Barbara, California. Each has attracted several thousand Lewis devotees each year. more

TBN’s promise: send money and see riches

Pastor Paul Crouch calls it “God’s economy of giving,” and here is how it works: People who donate to Crouch’s Trinity Broadcasting Network will reap financial blessings from a grateful God. The more they give TBN, the more he will give them. …Michael Giuliano, an expert in televangelism at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, said this is an effective strategy. more

Managing Your Critical Operations

If you own a family business, you probably worry even more than the average entrepreneur about ensuring that your company not only survives, but also thrives to nurture the next generation. In “Managing Resources: Linking Unique Resources, Management, and Wealth Creation in Family Firms” (Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Summer 2003), David Sirmon and Michael Hitt examined the strategies behind successful family businesses. By David Newton, professor of entrepreneurial finance at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. more

Forum brings Christian higher ed to center stage

David Winter, president of Westmont College (CA), captured the spirit of the event. “It’s a thrill, it’s inspiring, it’s encouraging, to know that we’re not just one institution, that we’re together, able to do something in our society and in our world that is truly significant.” more

Kevin Vanhoozer: Creating a theological symphony



Research Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Is There Meaning in This Text?: The Bible, the Reader, and the Morality of Literary Knowledge (Zondervan, 1998)

While American evangelical culture can claim only limited credit for Richard Hays or Miroslav Volf, Kevin Vanhoozer is a born-and-bred American evangelical. He grew up in an evangelical church, and he proceeded through Westmont College and Westminster Seminary. more